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Previews of the next version of MP3-Tag Generator.

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The new name of MP3-Tag Generator will be MP3-Studio!
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New features



ID3v2 module

Download Preview 2

What  you can expect from this download

  • Reads and writes ID3v2.3.0 Tags (Picture support, add, modify and remove Tag)
  • Reads ID3v2.2.0 and ID3v2.4.0 Tags
  • Reads and writes ID3v1x Tags (Add, remove and update ID3v1 & ID3v1.1 Tags)
  • Reads Lyrics V1 & Lyrics V2 Tags
  • Decodes the MPEG Header
  • VBR support

Because it is prerelease software, its stability and performance are not guaranteed. Do not use this software with non backuped MP3-files. Though unlikely, if this prerelease software malfunctions, substantial damage to your MP3-files can occur.


CD ripping module

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Database module

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