MP3-Tag Generator 1.5.2


The MP3-Tag Generator is a tool for simple and quick Tag (ID3) editing of MP3-files.

This software is Freeware. You can download and use it for free. You might also destribute it as long as it is kept unmodified. You are not allowed to charge any money for it.

What would you like to see in the next version? Let us know.

Module description

The program contains four different modules and supports the XP-Style on WindowsXP.

Tag Editor

Format Editor with XP-Style


Playlist Editor


Tag Editor

  • ID3 v1.0 and ID3 v1.1 support
  • Show MPEG-Header information (VBR support)
  • Delete MP3-Files
  • Rename MP3-Files from the Tag
  • Parsing
    - Generate the Tag out of the MP3-Filename by using customizable parsing formats
    - Automatically convert the Tag to lower case, upper case or proper case
    See Format Editor description
  • Export content to HTML
  • Batch processing
    - Modify multiple MP3-Tags
    - Delete multiple MP3-Files
    - Remove the Tag from multiple MP3-Files
    - Rename multiple MP3-Files
    - Generate the Tag for multiple MP3-Files (parsing)
  • Drag & Drop support
    - Drag & Drop MP3-Files into the editor
    - Drag & Drop MP3-Files from the editor into the Playlist Editor
    - Specify whether to add or replace the current items in the list
  • Browse through folders
    - Subfolder support
  • List entries
    - See which file is currently playing
    - Manually rename a MP3-File by pressing F2
    - Automatic Track numbering

Format Editor

  • Define your own parsing formats
  • Change the parsing format apperance
  • Add, delete, edit and test parsing formats


  • Winamp support
  • Different display colors
  • Volume control

Playlist Editor

  • Drag & Drop MP3-Files or Playlists into the editor
  • Sort list entires
  • Move list entries
  • Play list entries
  • OGG Vorbis support (new)

Functionality demonstration

Drag & Drop

This image shows how to drag & drop files from the Tag Editor to the Playlist Editor. The edit panel has been closed by using Options->Visibility->Hide Edit Panel.

Modify tag text

This image shows how easy it is to modify the text (upper case, lower case, mixed case) when in edit mode. The left panel has been closed by using Window->Panel->Hide Panel.